Sword Coast Chronicles

The Aerisi Deal

Princes of the Apocalypse - Chpt 4

  • Characters decide to accept Aerisi’s offer to bring back Marlos’s head, rather than fight her.
  • Aaracocka refuse to leave and attack Aerisi. The Battlerager joins the Birds.
  • The battle goes terrible right from the start. The Battlerager gets ambushed and knocked unconscious. The Birds air elemental turns on the Birds. Two more birds end up dying. The Bard refuses to fight and tries to casually leave the temple.
  • Aerisi seems to take pleasure in the group’s failed assassination, and threatens the group to bring her Marlos’s head, or she will come find them.
  • Group rests then goes to the Earth Monestary.
  • The Bard demands to speak to Marlos, which leads to Qdoba trying to kill the party.
  • The Bard successfully casts a Phantasmal Image on Qdoba, and believes that The Bard speaks for Ogremoch. He then agrees to take the party to Marlos.
  • The party decides to rest and heal before going to Marlos.
  • Qdoba starts to lead them down the stairs, and the group (including Qdoba) fall into a Jabba the Hut monster Trap.
  • The battlerager grapples the Monster, while the rest of the group kills it.


Mudmaster Mudmaster

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